Basswood *PREMIUM*
Basswood *PREMIUM*

Basswood *PREMIUM*

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Basswood honey is a light coloured honey boasting a delicate taste. This is our most unique and sought after floral source.

Fact: quantity is limited and varies from year-to-year as the linden trees do not bloom yearly. Our basswood honey is the definition of premium & small batch crop. 

Predicted floral source: linden tree

Our guarantee: this honey is 100% local and unpasteurized.


Quantities are limited + this flavor WILL SELL OUT. 

We are limiting each order to 2 jars per order/household. Any quantity above this limit will be refunded. 

Due to order volume, we are expecting a 3-4 business day lead time. Once ready to ship/pickup, we will notify you as per our usual email protocol. Please email your order # to if you require additional assistance.

Thank you all for your excitement, support + patience!

Much love,
Dave + Keri, and the Hunnabees Team