Pathway to Beekeeping - The Ultimate Bundle
Pathway to Beekeeping - The Ultimate Bundle

Pathway to Beekeeping - The Ultimate Bundle

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Bundle & Save! 

This bundle is for those intending to keep bees. If you're a first time beekeeper looking to purchase a colony from Hunnabees, we require you to complete these three courses (preferably a season BEFORE you take your colony home). This bundle also includes our favourite tour to run, our Honey Extraction tour. This is a hands on experience removing honey supers from the hive right through to bottling your honey.

Alternatively, you can also sponsor a hive for the season, which is essentially a mentorship with Beekeeper Dave + Keri with some added perks, and the option to buyout your hive next season. Click here for more info. 

This bundle contains the following: 
1 x Intro to Beekeeping ticket
1 x Advanced Beekeeping Concepts ticket
1 x Honey Extraction Tour
1 x Integrated Pest Management ticket

If you're unsure if your goal is to keep your own colony, but you're looking to learn a bit. We recommend the Intro to Beekeeping workshop. 

After booking, we will email you a confirmation code to use to reserve your three classes. Please do not register until we have emailed you.

Any questions, please email