2021 Intro to Beekeeping

2021 Intro to Beekeeping

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Join us for our INTRO TO BEEKEEPING workshop!

This course is intended for aspiring beekeepers, those who want to learn the foundations of beekeeping & will leave you with the basic overview of your first year in beekeeping. We will review beekeeping tools/equipment, the honey bee life cycle, jobs/roles within the colony, responsible beekeeping practices and and overview of the season in class. 

We will spend the second half of the class out in the beeyard where we will review classroom topics up close, including equipment, yard etiquette, handling frames, lighting/using your smokers, etc. We will cover your basic hive inspection including locating the queen, spotting eggs & brood, and observe colonies at various states in the season including nucs, singles, doubles, queen excluders, honey supers and more.

Equipment can be provided however, if you do have your own, you may feel free to bring it. 

Note: Classes run from approx 1-4:30pm unless otherwise specified. Nucs/single hives (for a later pickup date), safety equipment, etc will be available for purchase following the seminar. You do not have to have/intend to have bees, however this is a more in depth intro course. 

For those looking for a seminar with less focus on HOW to keep bees and a more casual overview, please see our BEEKEEPING TOUR seminar geared toward the general public with no previous knowledge of bees and less emphasis on the ins/outs or how to's of the beekeeping season. Click here.

Please note we recommend continuing education for the current/aspiring beekeeper. This is not a one stop shop, we recommend networking with other beekeepers, taking intermediate & advanced seminars and joining/participating with your local beekeeping association.

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