2019 Singles - Deposit
2019 Singles - Deposit
2019 Singles - Deposit

2019 Singles - Deposit

Regular price $100.00 Sale

$100 deposit for 2019 singles

Total Single price is $285 including the deposit.

Pickup dates:

Starting Week of May 31 - Overwintered Queen OR 2019 Imported Queen

Starting Week of June 10 - Local 2019 Queen

There is a very limited supply of Single colonies available for the earliest dates. Nucs will be ready in batches on a weekly basis. Deposits will secure your name on the list and you will be notified in March of your estimated pick up time.

Pickup time is in the evening starting at 7:30PM unless otherwise scheduled.

All pickups must take place at our farm:

1331 Zion Line, Millbrook, ON L0A 1G0.

We do not ship bees.

Single hives include a langstroth deep box with 10 frames, containing mostly brood as well as honey and pollen stores. These hives are ready to add a second box or a honey super. Bottom board, inner cover, and outer cover included. All equipment is used and in varying conditions.