2020 Singles
2020 Singles
2020 Singles

2020 Singles

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Total Single price is $295 including the deposit.

Pickup dates:

Starting Week of May 31st - Overwintered Queen OR 2020 Imported Queen

Starting Week of June 7th - Local 2020 Queen

Pickup time is in the evening starting at 7:30 PM unless otherwise scheduled.

All pickups must take place at our farm:

1331 Zion Line, Millbrook, ON L0A 1G0.

We do not ship bees.

Single hives include a Langstroth deep box with 10 frames, containing mostly brood as well as honey and pollen stores. These hives are ready to add a second box or a honey super. Bottom board, inner cover, and outer cover included. All equipment is used and in varying conditions.