Who We Are


It is our mission at Hunnabees Honey & Co. to promote environmental enterprise, progression and education.

We are third generation beekeepers who first began our adventures beekeeping on Scugog Island in Port Perry, and recently expanded our business to our new farm in Millbrook, Ontario. We aim to reduce the impact of our farm and honey production through ongoing innovation on our farm.

We foster crops which are pollinator friendly, including goldenrod, wildflower and clover. Our farm also features a fresh vegetable garden, acres of flowers (in the works) and some of our best friends, the goats.

As beekeepers, we are committed to education and aim to provide resources for the local community in understanding the role bees play in the greater ecosystem. We have already teamed up with local farmers & land owners and added 5 new bee yards within Millbrook in 2017/18, with more expansion in the works for 2019.

We are working hard on developing an education plan that will focus on educational tours featuring observation areas, and courses aimed specifically at educating youth. Next year we hope to introduce hive-sponsorship for those wishing to be involved in the cause in a less hands-on fashion.

We look forward to growing with you.

Dave and Keri

- Dave & Keri